Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A time apart

I am off-line with regard to my sewing activities until mid-May, so I don't have much to report on the sewing front.  Living in a hotel room in Syracuse as I rehearse with Syracuse Opera for Madama Butterfly, which opens on April 20th.  Anyone in the Syracuse area, please come! 

I had a chance to stop by a lqs (Calico Gals) last weekend, and had a great time chatting and getting handy tips from experienced quilting staff on everything from spray basting to machine binding.  They also tempted me with the latest and greatest features in some of their Baby Lock machines.  Wish I had an extra $2000 to spend on a fancy new machine, but then I might have to change the name of my blog :). 

Living with no car really does make one feel a bit cut off from the world, and being able to connect face to face with other quilters is a luxury.  Hmmm... maybe I should join my local quilting guild after all!

Being on the road also means being separated from my wonderful family, and on Sunday I spent a wonderful Easter afternoon in Eastern Pennsylvania with them and our friends, the Hoys.

We hadn't planned on this visit when I left, so I was thrilled to see them helped break up the 3 weeks apart!  I was soaking up every minute with my little angel.  We had an Easter egg hunt and a fantastic dinner provided by our hosts, then a sad goodbye as we parted ways. 

OK, back to business!  While I was at Calico Gals, I found a fun Christmas fabric (on sale!) which I really liked.  No immediate plans for a Christmas quilt, but when you seen a fabric you like, you must buy!!!