Monday, December 31, 2012

I have been trying to find an hour here and there to work on my kaleidoscope quilt for my friends in Minnesota.  An old college roommate of mine's late mother-in-law was a quilter.  Sadly, she died quite suddenly last year, and they generously offered her stash up to their quilting friends.  I came home with around 40 lbs of fabric (not sure how many yards, but it was A LOT!).  Anyhow, I decided to make a lap quilt for them incorporating some of his MIL's fabrics and some of mine.  Heavy preparation for the opera auditioning season, along with rehearsals for and performances of 2 big productions at the Metropolitan Opera and dealing with some sick baby issues forced me to table much of my quilting for a while.

Things have finally started to calm down here, and I am continuing on my latest quilt. Above is the design inspiration I am using for my kaleidoscope quilt.  I have no idea where I found this picture, so I cannot credit it- I didn't take it, anyhow!  I love how the alternating blocks create larger circles and stars from a distance. 
 I completed all the 8" blocks this afternoon (49), and had planned on a square 7 x 7 layout.  After putting them all down on the bed, I think I may go with a 6 x 8 layout, making the quilt 48" x 64", which I think is a better shape for a lapquilt..  I may add a small boarder...we'll see.  Colors are blues, greens, and browns, with just a few pinks to add an extra dimension.

Here they are all laid out on our bed.  It's similar to my inspiration photo, but a more subdued color scheme.  Photo is a little blurry as I was using my point and shoot camera because dslr was in the baby's room.
Unfortunately, I will be leaving town for work in a week, so probably won't get this one finished before the end of January :(.  Nice to be busy, but have been missing my hobby!  Happy New Year everyone!