Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back is the new front.

OK, so I love the back of my Christmas quilt...actually more than the front.  I used 111 of my 112 charms from our Christmas charm swap, but I used over 100 of them on my disappearing 9 patch front, which, I have decided, is REALLY busy!  There just are not enough solids, and all of the patterns and colors (with almost no repeat fabrics) makes it look like a bit of a jumble.

The back, on the other hand, is making me feel very calm and satisfied.  Alternating strips of little green diamonds (Wrap it Up from Connecting Threads) and a cherry red with subtle yellow dashes (Morse Code from Connecting Threads) interspersed with the remaining charms from the swap make this a simple and understated celebration of the season (I think).

I briefly considered making this the front of my quilt, and putting a plain backing on it.  Maybe using the busy top for a set of placemats or something.  I decided to just go with what I have, and since this is a lap quilt, you will most likely see both sides often enough that the solid red and green theme on the "back" will anchor the all-over-the-map front.  Anyhow, I like this design and will probably use it again in the future (though not for Christmas).

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