Wednesday, January 18, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

My only work in progress right now is a baby quilt for my sister's new baby, who arrives today.

It's not done, and the baby should be here any minute, so I should probably step away from the keyboard...  They had to induce labor because baby just wasn't coming, so we are just waiting by the phone for the good news of their new baby girl any time now.

My wife helped me pick the backing.  I wanted to go with a purple or violet color, but she picked out a green fabric with some violet accents, and I think it's a nice contrast to the front.  I had some leftover whirleygigs from the front, so I strung them together and placed them diagonally across the green/violet backing fabric.  My quilt is about 48 inches wide, however, the 44 inches of fabric, along with the extra squares wasn't enough to cover the back, so I added some leftover fabric strips.  It's not exactly the clean look I was after, but it's a quilt, right?  Having a little patchwork imbalance adds to its charm.  Well, we'll see when all is said and done :)

I am also trying to push myself to practice my free-motion quilting skills more regularly, so I have been working thru some of the tutorials on Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project, and I am already seeing some improvements.  Her videos and step-by-step hand-holding is just what I need, and for the more advanced, she's got a boat-load of tutorials on more complex designs.  I may need some more practice before I attempt to stipple this quilt, but I'd like to think I will slay that dragon sometime soon!

P.S.- This post is me procrastinating...I now have to make the quilt sandwich and baste, not my favorite part of the process...

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