Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pop Mod Delivered.

Duck Duck Berry Duck was gifted on Wednesday.  It's so much fun to present a finished project to someone...especially when it is a surprise!
My sister loved her new quilt top.  She's going to have it quilted in Eugene, OR, where she lives.

Here it is!  My wife and I are doing our best to unfurl it, but the ceilings in my parents' home aren't high enough to open it up completely.  Hopefully my sister will do a photo shoot when it has been quilted.  You can also see some of the left over wrapping paper and boxes from Christmas morning.  With 10 grandkids in town, it was quite a zoo all week, but the "animals" has so much fun together!  Hope your Christmas was merry and bright (and white, as was ours in Minneapolis).


  1. Thanks Ricky. It was a long process for me, but so much fun to finish. This was my first curve experiment, and I learned a lot!