Friday, September 21, 2012

Cute Russian Fabric!

OK, I am pretty sure I have never blogged about a fabric before, but this one makes me so happy, I just have to share!

Little Kukla by Suzy Ultman is now on sale at The Intrepid Thread, one of my favorite on-line fabric sellers.  Over the past year or so I have had very bad luck finding Matrioshka (Russian nesting dolls) fabric I liked.  I have a couple of projects which require it, but nothing I saw on-line fit the bill.  Well, here's just what I have been looking for, and I am excited to order some of my very own.

I love the raspberry and brown fabrics, and the onion dome fabrics are so cool!  I have two pressing quilts on my list when I finish the starry baby quilt, otherwise I would get right to work on a new project with these.  As you may recall, my wife is Russian, and so naturally these fabrics will make a cute little quilt, fitted sheet, dress, etc for our little girl.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post, just my own blabbing about something I like.  But I do recommend Julie at the Intrepid Thread- she's great to work with, and my fabrics always arrive quickly and wrapped up like a sweet little present...who doesn't love getting presents!

I will post some pics of my finished baby quilt in the next few days.  It has been quilted, and is awaiting trimming and binding, but daddy's got some other pressing matters that need immediate attention (like learning an opera) first.

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