Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boyish Triangles quilt

After a long hiatus I returned to quilting.  I took the spring and summer off after finishing a quilt top in February, quilting half of it on my machine, then realizing the bobbin tension was loose!  I put the quilt in the closet and held a grudge until a couple of weeks ago, when I began pulling out the stitches.
It will take a few more hours for me to take out all of the stitches and begin to re-quilt, but I definitely needed that time apart from that project.

I also picked up a baby quilt top I had finished right before the quilting debacle and decided to give my Singer yet another chance to redeem itself.

If I was smart, I would have just slapped on the walking foot and played it safe...But I didn't, of course- I keep returning to the machine for more punishment. In this one isolated case, however, I got lucky!  I stippled and succeeded  This cool baby quilt went to a little boy on his third birthday.  It may be a little small (30" x 30") for a three year old, but I was just a tad gun shy about quilting something bigger.

The recipient already has a fitted sheet with that cute Puppies and Pickups fabric, and I added some bug jar fabric and spider web fabric to give it a decidedly "boy" flavor.

I also experimented for the first time with a flannel backing.  I was/am kinda nervous about this one, as the mixing of unwashed fabric types might cause some wacky shrinkage, but I did a cold water bath pre-wash on the flannel and crossed my fingers.  Hopefully it wont be a train wreck after one wash...actually, Isaac might love that, as he is a huge train fan :)

Hand bound- my last few projects have been machine-finished bindings, but for this one I decided to do it by hand, as I prefer the look, and it's small enough to not feel like a huge additional project.

I like this last shot because I just noticed it looks like the quilt is chillaxin' on the bench, with one arm on the arm rest and the other stretched out on the bench back.  

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