Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Road Game

On the Road again, this time Lynchburg, VA.  I am singing Rinuccio in Gianni Schicchi by Puccini.  It's a fun show written for all of the Met's character singers, so it's a real ensemble opera.

Well, I am working on a Pop Mod quilt (design by Julie from Distant Pickles) for a king size finish for Christmas, but since I am on the road for two weeks, thought I would take some quilting work on the road with me.  I precut all of my 4" x 4" squares so I could trace and cut my drunkard path squares while on the road, then put it together when I got home.  Well, with LOTS of free time on this job, I finished all of my tracing and cutting in a few days, so I tapped the opera patron crowd for a loaner sewing machine, and am now almost done piecing together my 360 drunkard path squares!

Here's my Janome "Jem Gold" surrounded by 100 finished drunkard path squares (un-ironed).  Thanks so much to Polly for lending me this machine for my stay!  So nice to work with a modern machine.  I think it is making me want to trade in my not-so-trusty Singer for something with a more consistent stitch which is quiet and smooth-running.  Enough about the machine, though.

Here's the layout of the Pop Mod block, which will have 22 of these blocks, plus a dozen or so partial blocks.  Since I don't have my cutting tools with me, I won't be finishing the blocks or top 'til I get home.

The background is green, with either purple or yellow focal fabric (this one has the purple focal fabric).  Now that I look at the pic, though, two of the "green" squares look yellow in the picture.  Another reason I recommend taking pictures of your fabrics and blocks before assembly!

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