Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out of Commission!

Started on baby quilt for my sister's new bundle, due to arrive December 23rd (bummer for her- I always felt sorry for people who have Christmas time birthdays).  She is expecting a girl, and I am using a hodge-podge of pinks, purples, and light greens to make a crib sized whirleygig quilt using Linda's tutorial from her blog a maiden hair fern.  She has some beautiful quilts over there, so maybe go have a look-see!  I have been wanting to make a Whirleygig for a while now, and I thought it would be a fun pattern for a baby quilt.  Excited to finally get started on my first baby quilt!

Sadly, about halfway through my first batch of chain piecing on the old Singer 301a, I started having lower bobbin problems, then the Singer stopped singing and started to GRIND!  Opened her up and see some gears on top just aren't lining up properly.  Guess I'm headed to my local repair shop to get charged $100 for an adjustment...Ugh!  Hopefully it won't slow me down (or cost me) too much!

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