Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks Quilt Dad!

Thanks to Quilt Dad for showing me some love on Twitter!  Thanks also to those who are visiting my fledgling blog for the first time and giving me such a warm welcome to the Blogosphere!. 

My wife and I are headed to a concert today, leaving our 11 month old with a friend, and reveling in our first "date" sans baby since she was born!  Some anxiety with mom, but I will be focused on encouraging her to enjoy the concert and dispel visions of disaster at home.  Everything will be fine (right?).

I am now halfway thru my log cabin quilt top for my in-laws.  The colors are warm and the patterns are nature-themed, which is perfect for a cold, bleak midwinter in Russia.  Actually it's not really bleak (I am being dramatic), but you do spend lots of time inside, and hopefully this quilt will warm them and cheer them!  Here's another sneak peek at a block.

As you can tell, I love orange.  My first big quilt was in these same fall colors, and I can't seem to stop using them.  My next one will definitely be cooler colors, I promise!


  1. hi there, I just noticed your blog via Katy (Imagingermonkey) via John (quiltdad). Welcome to the online quilting/crafty community!!! I dabble a bit in embroidery and craft patterns and love to quilt (but I am still very much a newbie!)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nicole. I'm loving how welcoming everyone has been!

  3. Oh I love those fall colors for a quilt! I'm sure it will be beautiful...I also hope you enjoyed your date night with your wife =)

  4. Lyanna-
    Our date night was fantastic...for us. Our babysitter had about an hour and a half of crying (the baby not the sitter) to deal with, and when we got home, his shoulder was soaking wet from her tears! We felt so awful, and I am pretty sure this marks the end of our "dating life" for quite a while :)

  5. Beautiful blocks. I can't wait to see it finished.