Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to work (x2)

Well, I finally got my machine back on Wednesday, and it's sewing like a dream again!  I say "finally", but it was only three days- it seems like more when you are anxious to finish a project, I guess.

Anyhow, I am back to work on my sister's baby quilt (whirleygig) and finished the top on my mother-in-law quilt.  I am now "auditioning" quilt patterns for the MIL quilt.  As I am so new to the quilting world (and therefore to machine quilting), I am a little paranoid about doing it myself.- especially on a relatively large quilt (twin bed).  After purchasing a darning foot for my machine, it is tempting to dive right in to free-hand, but I might just go the safe route and stitch in the ditch.  Perhaps after some practice with the darning foot this weekend all will become clear.

Why "Back to Work x 2"?  Because like many working opera singers in New York City, I have a second job.  Temporary office jobs (or "temping") are a necessary evil that help us bridge the gap between what our fledgling careers pay and what we need to survive in the Big Apple.  Fortunately, I only need to temp a few weeks a year, and although I call it an evil, it's actually a very interesting diversion, which reminds me that I am so lucky to do what I love.  After a week at a desk, I realize how spoiled I am to spend most every day with my daughter!

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