Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby walking and Elephant running.

OK, this is not quilt-related, but my 11 month old daughter took her first steps yesterday!  Yay!  We were at our local indoor playspace in the neighborhood, and she must have been inspired by the slightly older kids walking around, and boldly took six or seven steps!  Exciting day!

In other news, I got some new fabric which I absolutely LOVE, from Tina Givens' line called Pernilla's Journey.  This particular design is called Elephant Run.  Since our little one is being gently encouraged to love elephants, it's perfect!

It's whimsical, but a BIG print.  Either going to make a crib sheet or a quilt using it (probably both).  I purchased several different prints from the collection (from the wonderful Intrepid Thread Etsy shop), and they are all big designs...I guess I'll have to start looking for a quilt design that will give these big animals room to breathe!  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


  1. Thank you Patrick. There are a lot of really fun patterns out there for big prints. Take a look on etsy at Quiltstory they have some great ones... I made this one and it is easy and so cute when finished

  2. Thanks for the link. That's a cute one, although I have never done applique before, and I am half way through a log cabin quilt right now, so maybe I'll put this one on the to do list for later...I will need a break after all those squares :)

  3. By the way Jewel, giving you a shout out on my blog at this point is a bit like a tree falling in the forest :) But it's the thought that counts, right?