Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another new quilting adventure!

I have been working on my Supernova project for a few days now and here's the first of my Supernova blocks:

Ever since I first stumbled upon the Supernova design on Freshly Pieced, have been itchin' to make one!  I love the symmetry and movement of the block, and the design is modern, but yet still retains a "classic quilt" feel.  My quilt has these yellow and green fabrics as well as teal-ish and violet-ish color scheme (see previous post).

All the fabrics were very budget-friendly.  Most all were purchased at for under $5/yd.  I think the gold one in the middle (not with circles) was $2.39/yd - it's called City Scapes from Quilting Treasures.  It's back up to $5.98 now, but still pretty reasonable- when I go through an episode of fabric hoarding, it's much easier to justify when I am buying stuff on sale :)

After a week of pouting, I have yet to return to the baby quilt stippling.  My good old Singer 301 needs some trial and error time with different needles, as this seems to be the consensus problem with my skipped stitches.  I think I'll wait til I have built up some patience by piecing some Supernova blocks.

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