Saturday, February 4, 2012

Avoiding my Machine

The singer has been avoiding the Singer for several days now.  I was halfway through my big baby quilt when I just walked away!  More problems with skipped stitches left me blue, so I thought my machine and I needed a little time apart.

My wonderful neighbor has loaned me her Brother machine, which is sitting in its box in our hallway right now.  I read through the manual, but haven't opened it up yet.  Still debating about whether to give my baby a second third forth fifth chance.

In the meantime, I am working on my next project- a Supernova Quilt using Lee's Quilt-a-long at Freshly Pieced.  She's put together an easy to follow tutorial, and lots of finished quilts are linked up for inspiration!  I chose a color palette of yellow, green (I especially love the top fabric from Robert Kaufman's Imperial Collection 7, called Starburst Linen) and violet-ish

This is my first quilt-a-long, though I'm not really quilting along, since they finished last April. It's one of Lee's original designs, and it's a really fresh and modern layout.  I have finished picking fabrics and cutting 3 of the 9 blocks, which seems to be the most complicated part.  My soon-to-be quilt doesn't yet have a target owner...we may keep it as a cozy lap quilt for the couch or we may gift is to a special couple- it just depends on how generous we feel when completed!

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  1. Supernova is a beautiful pattern! I can't wait to see how yours turns out!